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Using RestKit with Swift

What is RestKit? RestKit is an Objective-C framework that simplifies interaction with RESTful web services. It combines a clean, simple HTTP request/response API with a powerful object mapping system that reduces the amount of code you need to write to ‘get…

Disaster Recovery Using Hybrid Cloud

Overview Financial Engines recently celebrated the 20th anniversary since the company was founded.  Those two decades reflect our growth en route to becoming the largest registered investment advisor in the US. During those same two decades the technology industry has…

AWS Lambdas with a static outgoing IP

For software developers, serverless computing opens a world of possibilities as well as new security concerns. One of those concerns is how to handle whitelisting your service’s IP address for third party APIs on an infrastructure where IPs change quite frequently. As of February 2016, your Lambda functions can now access VPC resources. Read more to see how we leverage this feature to give our Lambda resources a static outgoing IP address.